Do you feel rewarded for learning?

The first key to success in gamification is to build a reward system that engages people and rewards them for positive changes in behaviour. If you get this wrong, it doesn't matter how right you get everything else, your gamification will not motivate your users or learners. If you get it right however, you'll find... Continue Reading →

If you are always saying no, you are doing agile very wrong!

"The essence of Agile movement ... rests on two foundational goals: delivering valuable products to customers and creating working environments in which people look forward to coming to work each day." Jim Highsmith Modern agile principles may have strong roots in technology companies, but they have found their way into all sorts of businesses in... Continue Reading →

3 Ways Knowledge is Leaking from your Business (and how to stop it)

In an economy where knowledge is as valuable as labour, the constant loss of knowledge from businesses has become a major dividing line between companies that succeed and lead, and those constantly running just to stay still. "There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance." Buddha Like a dripping tap, knowledge can... Continue Reading →

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