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Scott Bamford is a leader in Universal software design and developing cross-platform business software.

He is the creator of the Universal Software principles, and the Mvpc design pattern that maximises code reuse across platforms.  At Ambidect he leads the design and development of the Ambicore universal software platform that allows software developers to create universal business software that runs natively on any PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Android, Linux, or Smart Phone, and can additionally be available as a website.

Scott is an long term advocate of the C# programming language and an expert in the Microsoft .NET platform.  He believes that good software should work universally: everywhere and on any device.

In the past Scott has led software development projects for large public and private sector organisations and small companies across all industries including global telecommunication, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics, engineering, construction, technology, wholesale, retail, and transportation.

Scott cut his teeth in development at young age through his involvement in open source working on porting software for projects such as NetBSD and GNOME.  He remains an active advocate for permissive open source and creating sustainable win-win relationships between open source and commercial software.

With the advent of cloud computing Scott helped pioneer SaaS services as something for everyone not just those with major funding, creating SaaS solutions for eLearning, CRM, ERP, document management, book keeping, and industry specific manufacturing solutions.

Scott is currently technical director at Ambidect Ltd where he and business partner Tim Thomas-Peter work with industry leaders to create software and learning strategies that engage and empower people, rather than processes.

Scott is available for consultancy, design, development, and advice.  When asked he also undertakes speaking assignments about the future of software development and Universal Software for technical and business development events.

Keep in touch with Scott on twitter, linkedin, or send a direct message.

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